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Google will Help International Users with New Office Hours for AMP Understanding!

Google will Help International Users with New Office Hours for AMP Understanding!

Google is fast on a run to let Google’s newly introduced AMP to be properly understood by all its users. No matter from where they belong but they can understand and then use it properly. The Google rollout AMP is not understandable to people who do not know English or have a basic understanding. With a great reception by English language user, it is the goal of Google authorities to introduce it to others in different languages.

Keeping this approach in mind the Google authorities have introduced the rollout of Google AMP in 9 different languages. Here the first introduction of Google’s official services is right here to facilitate the users. These languages are as follows:

  1. Italian
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Russian
  5. Portuguese
  6. Japanese
  7. Indonesian
  8. German
  9. Bazillion

Here it is good news for the technical staff as well as SEO people for these regions or countries to ask all sorts of Google AMP details from the Technical Mangers or the Product Managers as well as the Engineers. They will be available to answer all sorts of queries that are subject matter of AMP. 

It is also announced by the authorities that new office hour timings will be introduced by Google to facilitate users in the areas where these languages are native and national ones. These technicians will be fluent in those languages and they will answer all sorts of AMP queries. There will be a Q&A app available to put questions and to get replies as soon as possible.  The technical components of AMP will be discussed in detail with SEO experts.

There will be live sessions and webinars. If someone is not able to attend live session then it will be available on YouTube and News Lab after event. Google will offer one session in each language per week. It means that users can listen two live AMP sessions per week or you want to install AMP on you website you can get the best AMP installation service by Nayasol.

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