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Google’s New Messaging App “Allow” Won’t Bulldoze Hangouts!

Google’s New Messaging App “Allow” Won’t Bulldoze Hangouts!

Google is continuously doing experimentation on getting audience and clients for apps that are greatly working for other entities. Firstly it changed the normal chat box Google talk into “Hangouts” and it is working fair for all those who work on desktop applications. Now the race is getting fast and furious and Google will launch “Allo” as its representative messaging app that will compete with Whatsapp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Line, iMessage and many others. Some experts were of the opinion that Allo is going to replace Hangouts. 

Google authorities have announced it full and final that there will be no change in Google Hangouts and it will invest in it like before. Allo will be for smart gadgets with artificial intelligence like the Android and IOS operating systems. It will be a smart messaging tool and its users can be totally different. Hangouts will remain as for business correspondences. So, the concept and domain is entirely different and both will work alongside.

Google research specialists have concluded the Hangouts will keep on working as there are multiple messaging apps in smart world. All working and developing their own niche. It will be advantageous to keep the two apps running at the same time be giant like Google. It is estimated that Allo will be launched this summer at any time. It is really going to be all that good with best kinds of services around.

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